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Innapropriate Comments and Snark

and occasional thoughtlessness

17 June 1984
Twenty-something geek who feels older than she is. Kind of a bitch sometimes. Actually, most of the time, but that's what some people find endearing I guess.

The journal is friends only, with a lot of filters.

absolutely fabulous, adrian belew, akira kurosawa, amanda palmer, animation, anime, anime conventions, anne mccaffery, archery, art history, baking, bass guitars, black adder, books, boondock saints, brian joubert, british comedy, candles, cinematography, claymation, clubbing, comic books, concerts, conversations with interesting people, cooking, corsets, cosplay, cowboy bebop, dance dance revolution, dancing, david bowie, douglas adams, drawing, dungeons and dragons, eddie izzard, english history, fantasy, ferris bueller's day off, figure skating, film noir, fire, foreign films, glitter, high fashion photography, historical fiction, hooverphonic, independent films, intelligent people, issac asimov, jesus christ superstar, jon stewart, kabuki, kate bush, kevin smith, kids in the hall, life in hell, live action role-playing, manga, mango mochi ice cream, marion zimmer bradley, matt groening, michael moore, midnight beach bbqs, mitch hedburg, monty python, munchkin, musicals, neal stephenson, nifty things, ninja, orchids, para para paradise, penguins, perfect blue, photography, photoshop, politics, psychology, purple, q.o.t.s.a., rain, reading, red vines, ren-faire, rock band, rocky coastlines, roger zelazny, role-playing, salsa dancing, sand castles, sandman, science-fiction, shiny things, shoes, sin city, ska, stanley kubrick, star gazing, star trek, star wars, steve buscemi, strangers in paradise, sushi, swimming, swing dancing, swords, takeshi honda, technical theater, the chronicles of narnia, the saragossa manuscript, the sound of music, the wild bunch, thunderstorms, tom tomorrow, tori amos, transmetropolitan, velvet, video games, vintage fashion, vnv nation, webcomics, wil wheaton, world of darkness, writing